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PetCoach is the leading source of free veterinary advice. Ask questions about your pet's health, nutrition, behavior, or any other topic, and obtain trusted answers for free from verified veterinarians and other pet experts.

- Reliable: Obtain direct advice from certified US veterinarians, dog trainers, pet nutritionists and other experts.
- Convenient: Ask a vet anywhere, anytime, and receive your answer for free.

- Immediate: We might already have your answer! Before submitting your question, try searching among our thousands of pet related questions and answers from pet owners like you.
- Clear all your doubts: Learn how to potty train your puppy, stop your cat's itching and scratching, obtain a second opinion about your dog's nutrition, discover how to prevent fleas and ticks...you name it!
- For every pet: Whether you own a Labrador Retriever, a Pug, an American Shorthair cat, a guinea pig or a pony, PetCoach experts can help you.
- Your trusted source of information: Additionally, PetCoach contains hundreds of vet-authored articles about pet health, behavior, nutrition and care. Learn why your dog eats grass, what your kitten’s meowing means, or which common foods are poisonous to your pet.
Have any questions or ideas on how to improve PetCoach? Let us know your feedback at feedback@petcoach.co
PetCoach is a service that provides trusted answers to everyday questions about your pet's wellness, but it is not a substitute for in-office exams or for regular veterinary care. Veterinarians on PetCoach do not provide diagnosis or prescribe medications. If you think your dog, cat or any other pet presents a serious medical condition or requires urgent care, please contact your local veterinary hospital immediately.
PetCoach is a Petco company.

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